Helping you plan for the future . . . . .

The Muslim Funeral Trust has been set up to help Muslims prepare for the future. Our aim is to give you and your loved ones a peace of mind from knowing that everything is taken care of in the event of a death.

Our aim is to keep things simple and informative as possible which is why we want to give you all the reassurance you need that everything has been attended to.

Details of your final arrangements will be placed with the Funeral directors chosen and who will be fully aware of what we expect from them on our behalf. At the Muslim Funeral Trust we know exactly what your requirements are which is why we’ve worked hard to put together a service that meets your needs and gives you real peace of mind.

Why take a Muslim Funeral plan?

1. To spare relatives the worry of organising a funeral at a time of great distress.

2. Out of concern that there may be insufficient funds in the estate at the time of death to cover the funeral arrangements.

3. To avoid relatives having to bear the financial burden of funeral costs.

4. To determine exactly the type and style of funeral the client wishes to have.

5. There is no one else (relative or friend) to arrange the funeral.

6. To pay by installments because funds are not readily available—nor are likely to be available at the time.

Burial within UKOverseas Burial
Full funeral
Arrangements in accordance to the Islamic Law
Full funeral
Arrangements in accordance to the Islamic Law in the UK
Funeral directors costs paid in full*All charges paid for up until the final destination*
Cemetery costs paid in full*

* Please refer to the terms and conditions