Death at Hospital

Cause of Death Known

If the hospital is aware of the cause of death, the attendant Doctor will issue a medical certificate; this is needed so that a disposal certificate can be obtained from the Registrar of Deaths. The body will be released to the relevant family representatives and arrangements will be necessary with relevant organisations. For the immediate time the hospital can house the body in the hospital mortuary.

An important point to mention here that the death must be registered in the borough of the hospital where death occurred, therefore residents of Leeds cannot register the death in Leeds if the death occurred in Dewsbury Hospital or Leeds hospital. They must arrange with the particular office in that vicinity, where they death took place.

Cause of Death Unknown

If the cause of death is unknown, the hospital Doctor will not issue a death certificate until the cause is established; in this case, the hospital will report to the Coroner. The coroner will probably arrange for a post-mortem examination of the body. The consent of the relatives is not needed for this purpose. The main purpose for carrying out the post-mortem is to establish the cause of death.

Once the cause of death has been established and the post-mortem shows that death was caused by natural causes and there are no other factors for consideration, the Coroner’s office will issue a pink form. You must take this pink notice to the Registrar of Deaths to obtain a certificate and a Certificate of Disposal and a Registration of Deaths.

To register a death and obtain the relevant papers, please go to our ‘How to register a Death page’ post for more information