• What does is cost? We understand it can be difficult to make payments of large amounts, which is why we have tailored our payment plans to meet each individuals financial situation. All members pay an initial joining fee dependent upon their circumstances and an annual contribution. 
  • Can you pay the joining fee in instalments?  Initial joining fees can be made on a monthly basis in the first year including the annual contribution. 
  • If I join today and die tomorrow am I covered? Yes, so long as the membership fee has been paid in full and you have been a member for over two years.
  • What happens when my children grow up? When a child who is covered under the family membership reaches 18 years of age, they would need to set up their own membership for which they would qualify for a 20% discount.
  • What happens when I get married? We have introduced, add a spouse, if you are already a member. You add your husband or wife with a  40% discounted rate. 
  •  I am a widow/widower/single parent with children – In this instance, we would apply the 20% single parents discount, which applies to all cases where there is only one adult member in a family membership.
  • Where can I find the terms and conditions? The T&C can be found under the about page.