T & C

Terms & Conditions

The Muslim Funeral Trust hereafter will be called the MFT. We are pleased to offer funeral plans to all the Muslims who reside within the United Kingdom. The Muslim Funeral Trust will provide you details of Funeral directors and other useful information, The trust will cover the costs related to the funeral details of which are mentioned below. Before you become a member please read and agree to all the terms and conditions set by MFT. The Muslim Funeral Trust is a service to the community by the Helpers Trust (Registered Charity)..

The term family member means a group of people consisting of two parents and their children living together as one unit. Please read the following terms carefully before signing the agreement on the last page.


a. A member is defined as a person registered with the MFT and fully agrees to the terms and conditions of the membership.


a. All members are required to provide the following documentation upon joining the MFT: (1) proof of Identification such as a passport, (2) Proof of age, (3), Proof of residence e.g., a utility bill with members name on it which is no older than three months old. (4) At least one character reference.

c. The proposed members will normally be admitted to membership of the scheme with effect from 28 days following execution of the agreement by or on behalf of the MFT.

d. If membership is accepted, new members will be sent a welcome letter with their membership number to be used when making direct debit payments or setting up a standing order,


a. Persons wanting to join are required to pay the initial joining fee to activate their membership. Membership will not be activated until this amount has been cleared in full upon joining or as pre-arranged with the MFT.

b. Membership fees are as follows:

1Single adult (aged 18-49)*£750
2Single adult aged 50+*£1850
3Family plan (aged 18 – 49)*£1700
4Family plan aged 50+*£2850
* this is a one off joining fee

c. Fees are subject to change depending upon different factors.

d.  If you wish to cancel the membership within 30 days of purchasing the policy, we’ll refund any payments made.

If you cancel your membership after 30 days, it has no cash-in value, so you wont receive a refund.


a. Joining fee must be paid to activate membership. This should be paid upon joining MFT.

b. There is an administration charge of £50 included which is non refundable.

c. Subscription fee for the whole year is presently set at £120 for each individual.

d. Subscription fees should be paid at the beginning of each year unless specified on the application dependant upon their individual circumstances.

e. Payments of any payment plan should be made promptly as agreed by cash or direct debit\ Standing order.

f. Annual subscription should be paid by each individual who has reached the age of 18 regardless of the gender of the child.

g. You will be making low fixed yearly subscription payments of £120  for life or until the age of your 90th birthday.

h. Each member needs to pay his/her premium to the age of 90, or until you expire if earlier. Should you stop paying, you funeral plan will be cancelled and you will not get any refund for your policy.

i. In case of an unexpected shortage of funds, an emergency collection will be made

j. Continuously missing payments may void the membership. There will be an administration charge of £7 fee for the first missed payment and then £10 then after.


a. You have to fully pay the membership fee and paid the subscription fee for at least two years to be covered for the funeral costs. If you decided to pay the membership fees with instalments as agreed with the trust,  if the plan holder dies, then you will only be covered for what has been contributed, if it is less than the membership fee.

b. Our funeral plans are for UK residents only and therefore any spouse permanently residing outside of the UK (including those who are awaiting their visa to reside here) and not covered until they arrive to the UK to reside with their spouse.

c. You must be paying into the plan for at least two year for the funeral costs to be covered, if the plan holder dies within at least a year of taking out the plan, we’ll return 100% of the payments already made.

d. If in the unlikely event you are diagnosed critically ill or anyone on the membership, it is the responsibility of the primary family member to notify MFT of any changes.

e. Membership will become void if we are not notified of the changes in health and other conditions of a members medical status in concern to their health.

f. We will not be able to provide the plan benefits until we have the plan summary and an original copy of the death certificate. Payments will be made within five working days of receiving the above mentioned documentation by bank transfer or cheque.

g. If you die abroad and you had not informed us any travel for more than six weeks. As a good will gesture, MFT may issue some payment if proof of death and costs involved in the funeral are provided or as arranged on discretion of the MFT.

h. Where a still-birth has occurred or where the death of a child occurs whilst still in the care of the maternity hospital, or in any case where the hospital carries out the funeral arrangements and/or pays towards the costs; then MFT shall not make any payments even if the actual funeral costs are greater than the amount stated.

i. The funeral cover payments shall be paid to the next of kin as nominated on the membership form, unless otherwise agreed and witnessed at the time of making the payment. Payment shall be made upon production of a funeral directors bill, a copy of which shall be retained by MFT.

j. If there is a dispute to whom the funeral payment is to be made to, MFT shall withhold the monies until an investigation is taken place and the matter is resolved. Where the MFT has already made the payment and then a dispute occurs, the MFT cannot be held liable nor shall it demand a recall of any payments made.

k. If the body of the deceased is to be transported outside the UK, the MFT will only cover the costs up until the body reaches its final destination for burial and a ticket for one person who shall be accompanying the body of the deceased.

l. MFT will cover the cost for and also arrange food for the immediate family for the first three days as per the Islamic tradition and also cover the cost for the food for the first Khatam/Reception* if requested by the family of the deceased.

* You must be paying into the plan for at least four year for the Khatam to be provided or can be provided as an add on for an extra £500.

m. Any additional costs for the funeral i.e. Flowers upgrade casket etc. shall not be paid for by MFT.

n. The funds shall be placed in a trust of which the Organisation (i.e The Helpers Trust) who shall have sole responsibility in investing and distributing funds to the best of their knowledge.

o. If in the unlikely event that MFT ceases providing the death fund to its members. It shall pay 50% of the membership fee to its members but 90 days written notice shall be given by MFT to its members. If any members deaths occurs within this 90 days cancellation notice of MFT, the MFT shall pay to cover the costs of the funeral.

p. Depending on how long the member lives, the cost of the funeral when the time comes may be less than the total payments made.

q. This is a standard funeral package we offer. We do not offer tailored funeral plans simply to keep the cost and membership fees as low as possible. If you are unsure whether this plan meets your needs as there is no advice on here whether it is suitable for yourself or your family, thus you may feel and please do consult a financial adviser.

r. The MFT reserves the right to amend or change any part of the agreement.


a. Where a member and his/her spouse have both died and have children under the age of eighteen, they will continue to be covered by the MFT up until the age of 18 years.


a. It is the duty of the individual to inform us of any changes in her/her marital relationship such as separation or divorce.

b. A short term separation will be considered, if it is four months or less. A separation of more than four months will be considered as a long term separation.

c. Where a short-term separation is concerned, MFT shall provide cover for the husband, wife and children.

d. Where separation becomes long-term or permanent or divorce is progress. MFT will only cover the paying member and the children is this is the case, if both partners were paying then they will continue to be covered but this will be under separate policies.

e. If after a long-term separation or divorce, the couple decide to live together, the member must inform us of the changes and how they wish to be covered under the policy, otherwise it will be treated as a single policy.


a. A child is defined as any person under the age of eighteen and is single.

b. Children of the primary account holder who are single and or still living with their parents are covered by the funeral policy up to the age of 18 years. Parents can have their children covered to the age of 21 by contributing an additional £5 a month.

c. New born children must be registered within the first year of birth to be covered under by the MFT. A copy of the birth certificate must be admitted with the registration form.

d. Foster children are not covered under MFT but legally adopted children shall be covered by MFT providing evidence of this is provided within first six months of adoption.


a. Visitors on a visit visa to the UK are not generally eligible to join and cannot be covered under any of our standard cover plans for UK residents. Similarly, all temporary residents (e.g., students holding student visas or and work permits are not eligible to join our standard plans for UK residents. They would only become eligible to apply for the standard cover once they have been given indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

b. Visitors wanting to join must provide the following documentations: (1) copy of the passport, (2) Proof of entry to the UK, (3) proof of residence in the UK, (4) reason for visiting, (5) A character reference.

c. Visiting membership will expire when the visiting visa expires unless it is renewed and proof of this is provided so the membership can be kept active.

d. The cover and membership fee for visitors is £1900 and a yearly subscription of £200 to be paid at the beginning of each year.


a. Members are covered whilst on holiday anywhere abroad for the period of up to six weeks depending on their circumstances. The MFT must be informed of any holidays more than six weeks at a time so the cover can remain active if required.

b. Members on a a long holiday for more than six weeks and want to keep their membership active, they must pay the complete subscription up to the end of that year.

c. Members visiting abroad for more than six weeks must pay an extra £150 to keep their membership active before their travel or their membership will become void


a. The membership can be cancelled at any time by contacting MFT and sending a letter of cancellation of membership. Please note that no refunds shall be given should you decide to do so.

b. Any leaving member wanting to re-join will not be able to take advantage of the discounted first time joining fees that they initially paid to join. All re-joining members will be required to pay £700 for joining and £50 administration charge and also the annual subscription fee.

d. Attempting to re-join after discovery of a life threatening illness will generally not be permitted to re-join unless there are exceptional circumstances and supporting medical evidence or at the discretion of MFT.

Please note: It is important to tell your family that you have a funeral plan so they know how to activate the plan when the time comes.